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General Information

Uveitis is inflammation of the iris, ciliary body and choroid. These major structures of the eye are very sensitive and perform numerous functions required for vision.Causes include inflammation, infection, immune-mediated reactions (a complex allergic-type reaction), and injuries.Uveitis is painful and can cause blindness.

This part of the eye is closely associated with the central nervous system. Any inflammation of this part of the eye has to be watched closely to evaluate whether it is showing signs of spreading to the central nervous system . . . or that it may reflect inflammation that has originated in the central nervous system.

It is common that uveitis is a one aspect of a more generalized systemic disease. There are a group of disease processes that commonly result in uveitis. However, there are cases of uveitis that are "idiopathic" . . . or have no know cause. RULING OUT the various possible causes of uveitis can be a complicated process.

Uveitis is described in 3 ways:

* Anterior uveitis: the iris and ciliary body are affected.

* Posterior uveitis: the choroid is affected.

* Uveitis: the iris, ciliary body and choroid are affected.


Important Points in Treatment

1. The cause determines the treatment used, and may range from routine outpatient therapy to intense and complex procedures requiring hospitalization. Special diagnostic tests are sometimes required.

2. Specific attention is given to pain control, and any factors that cause further irritation should be eliminated or avoided. These include wind, dirt, sand, sprays, smoke and bright light.

Notify the Doctor if Any of the Following Occur:

* You cannot apply the medication as directed.

* Your pet continues to show pain or discomfort.

* You note a sudden change in the appearance of the eye(s).