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General Information

Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain. It seldom occurs as an isolated condition but is usually related to some other disease.

A common form of encephalitis is caused by canine distemper virus and occurs a few weeks after this disease. Other viruses, bacteria, brain tumors, head injuries and chemical poisonings are also possible causes of encephalitis.

Signs of encephalitis may include mental dullness, walking in circles, lack of coordination, blindness and convulsions. Dogs with canine distemper encephalitis often have "chewing gum" (champing) seizures of the jaws.

The prognosis (outlook) for encephalitic patients is usually poor. After making a diagnosis and establishing the cause, your veterinarian may suggest starting treatment and evaluating the response.

Important Points in Treatment

1. Diet: Follow the instructions checked.

____Feed the normal diet.

____A special diet is required. Feed:

2. Activity:

____Exercise your pet on a leash ______ minutes ______ times daily.

____Avoid excitement and stressful situations.

____Confine your pet closely in safe quarters to prevent injury if seizures occur.


Notify the Doctor if Any of the Following Occur:

* Your pet has a seizure lasting more than a few minutes.

* Your pet becomes unconscious.

* Your pet cannot rise or walk properly.

* Your pet seems depressed.