Bob McKee, DVM

(This picture is pretty old)

I was an Air Force brat until 1961 when my family moved to my parents home town of California, Mo. I lived on the farm until 1971 when I moved to Columbia, Mo. to attend the University of Missouri. I had several careers while in undergraduate and graduate school: wildlife biology, animal science and avian reproductive physiology. I worked for a clinic in Columbia for 7 years, as manager of patient care and supervisor of animal care technicians. While attending veterinary school I worked as a hematology and cytology technician at the University of Mo. Medical School. I worked as a veterinarian in Easley, SC for 3 years after graduating from veterinary school in 1986. I opened Foothills Animal Hospital on Dec. 1, 1989. And here I am now! (well that would have been true when this picture was taken . . . about 1999)




From "The News" 4-20-03:

Now this might be the only picture of me on the web site taken in this milleneum. This one is for my friend Matt's benefit. The weather here has been the finally been nice for riding the bike some. I ride all winter but it's not quite the same with 3 layers UNDER the insulated coveralls. Matt knows more about my bicycle days than my motorcycle days. I still ride the bicycle but places to ride that are safe are pretty limited in the Liberty area. Most of my bicycle time is on the wind trainer or on a closed course around the clinic and the business next door.

Matt, who was a pretty conservative guy when I knew him, will be glad to know that I always wear the helmet and long pants when I ride and usually the leathers. I don't get to take many long rides with my work schedule. However, last week a few of my friends and I took a tour of back roads in the Pickens County area on a fine spring Sunday and it was fine . . .





A more contemporary picture from about 2007. From the surgery room. This dog had a tumor in the small intestine.

The range of dates on this page is of some note. There are old pictures because we have had a web site since the early 1990's. My e-mail address hadn't changed since about 92. It did finally change this year though I was able to change it to another that I had had since '92. I know that we started working on line before there was dial-up. A guy helping me with our Explorer's Post gave me one of those things you used to put the phone in to get "on-line" with the Greenville News in the 80's. I don't remember what year we finally got the address "" but I think it was in 1998. We had a site hosted on Compuserve for a long time before that but it was very difficult to maintain. It was organized the same way the site is now.








Walking Luke. Something that we all do and you had better do on Luke's schedule! Luke is close to blind but will run like the wind if you let him go. We try not to let him do that!







Multitasking. I get to try to answer a lot of questions! The cat is waking up from surgery while I talk on the phone to a client. Over the years I've done the majority of surgery done at the hospital but Dr. Lupo has started to take on more of this in 2009. We do a wide variety of surgery including orthopedics.