Each exam room is designed to be able to be able to handle most types of cases that we see. One problem that we have in the smaller "cat" exam room is no running water and storage but in the larger room that isn't a problem. The larger room, "the dog room" is adjacent to the food storage room, surgery, the pharmacy and the lab. This saves steps lots of times so I would say that it remains our favorite. While Dr. Bradley was with the clinic this was "Dr. Bradley's Room". Now they are both MINE! Each exam room is eqiuped with a limited set of surgical instruments, an EKG, X-ray veiw boxes, exam lights, etc.. The smaller, "cat", exam room contains some of the endoscopy equipement and is adjacent to the pharmacy, the lab and the wet treatment area. From the "cat room" it is a few steps to the office and a little easier to follow what's going on in the reception area also.



In the "dog room" we have a little more diagnostic equipment (pulse ox., recording EKG) and (God forbid we need it) defibrilation equipement. We usually see our emergencies in the "dog room".






I know that many people think that I overdo the use of this structure in the exam room. However, I just can't tell you how important access to the computer network has become for the way I practice. This is how I get needed information and it is SO nice not to have to go to the information but rather be able to turn around and have it, read it or print it. We have become dependent on digital imaging to allow us to "remember" what a problem LOOKED like last week by storing the images on the computer. I DO use the books on this shelf about 30 times a day also.



Having the laptop in the "Cat Room" serves many of the same funtions but also allows me to take lots of the necessary informtion on the road with me if I go somewhere.

One other thing that we added in in 2001 is our DSL connection. I have been simply amazed at how much more useful the internet is with a high speed connection. For those that might be interested we are using Bell South's service and it has been excellent. I always like to applaud computer innovations that actually exceed my expectations and this has been one of them.