Foothills Animal Hospital is a small animal practice located outside of Liberty, SC. We opened Dec. 1, 1989. We are located in a building that was once a restaurant. Several internal construction projects have changed our appearance. We have had several major construction projects internally and added the new building, Four Paws Pet Place, in 1997.




I work on dogs and cats. My "practice" employs AHT's and assistants who we have trained We try very hard to do preventative health care. We see a wide variety of medical problems . . . and far too much trauma when we aren't successful in our preventive approach.







My desk is usually a mess. I work hard to keep up but never seem to be able to. We each pretty much have access to a computer all the time and we utilize our network to keep up with progress on cases and business matters. But, as you can see, we do NOT have a paperless office.