Haley Bingham


Haley Bingham started working at Four Paws earlier this month. Haley (named after Haley Mills) went to high school in Taylors, SC. She has 5 dogs, 2 cats and a fish! Haley is currently attending grooming school at Greenville Tech., in Greenville, SC.

Mary is thrilled with her work so far. Haley is doing some of the grooming work at Four Paws but also is on of the primary care providers for animals that are boarding there. The importance of that position can't be understated since the pets that are left there rely on the "contact" workers to relay any problems to Mary or I so that they can be addressed. Also, obviously, the TLC provided is one of the most important factors in how the pets "enjoy" their stay at Four Paws. Haley seems to be up to the task.