ICU Area

We have several ICU areas including this one which provides temperature regulation via heat lamps and a thermostatically controlled infant warmer. We use lots of intra nasal oxygen administration when it is needed. We are very fortunate to be able to use EKG monitoring and closed circuit video monitoring of critical cases. The video is visible in the clinic and at Dr. McKee's home. Smaller patients are kept in infant incubators and contagious cases in a closed air isolation ward. Both of these areas are monitored by video as well. .


We use the intranasal oxygen to reduce the need for high volume oxygen administration. With an intranasal tube there is less reliance on flooding a large volume with oxygen and it is easier to regulate temperature than it is when you have a closed environment. Most animals that need oxygen tolerate placement of the tube without heavy retraint or sedation.When the oxygen is administered over long periods of time we do have to humidify the oxygen.