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The hurricaines in the gulf coast of 2005 were shocking to all of us. The problems seen with people and pets resulted in a dramatic response by the people of the US. We all learned a lot from this. Much was about how poorly we were prepared and much was about how hard we could scramble to try to "fix" our lack of preparation.

My experiences with this also got me involved with an organization that happened to be involved with coordinating part of the veterinary communities reponse to the hurricaines, Rural Area Veterinary Services. RAVS is an organization is a non-profit program combining community outreach and veterinary education to bring free veterinary services to underserved rural communities where poverty and geographic isolation make regular veterinary care inaccessible.

The following links describe some of my experiences with the hurricaine efforts and work with RAVS.

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RAVS trip to North Dakota in 2012

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RAVS trip to Georgia in the summer of 2007

RAVS trip to Tennessee 2006

The story of fall 2005 trip to the gulf coast

The story of spring 2006 trip to the gulf coast



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